BMW Group Logistik teste eTrailer von Trailer Dynamics

BMW Group Logistics successfully tests electric semi-trailers in various scenarios of real logistics operations

+++ Around 48 percent fuel savings in combination with diesel trucks +++ More than 600 kilometer range with an electric tractor +++ Cooperation with technology innovator Trailer Dynamics +++ Munich. In cooperation with the technology innovator Trailer Dynamics, BMW Group Logistics has successfully tested an electrically powered semi-trailer on various routes and distances in real logistics operations. Fuel savings averaging more than 46 percent on short and medium-haul routes and more than 48 percent on long-haul routes were achieved for the diesel trucks used. With the combination of electric tractor and eTrailer, a range of more than 600 kilometers without recharging was achieved. The pilot tests took place over four days over short and medium distances in the area of the BMW Group site in Dingolfing and, in addition, over three days over long distances between Mamming in Lower Bavaria and the BMW Group plant in Leipzig. The capabilities of the E-Trailer were tested by Trailer Dynamics to identify the best deployment scenarios for the BMW Group Logistick.

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