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The eTrailer replaces one of the free-wheeling axles with an electrified axle. This powerful electric axle of the eTrailer supports the semitrailer tractor system on the entire route, in normal driving operation, when starting and when tackling inclines. The electric drivetrain helps to recover energy during braking (recuperation). If not all of the electrical resources are required for the above-mentioned tasks, the electric drive of the eTrailer permanently supports the diesel drive of the tractor unit over the entire route with the remaining energy.

In combination with a battery-electric tractor unit, the eTrailer brings about a significant increase in range.

Traction battery

The modular battery capacity enables technically and economically sensible mapping of individual logistics scenarios. The traction batteries are built in lithium iron phosphate technology, which ensures a high cycle stability and low flammability and are therefore particularly suitable for intensive use in heavy goods transport.

Real-time control

The sensor-based real-time control of the eTrailer ensures transmission of the forces at the kingpin to the VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) and thus safe control of the electric drive axle.

Predicitive Drivetrain Control

With the Trailer Dynamics efficiency software PDC “Predictive Drivetrain Control”, electrical energy resources can be intelligently and optimally managed along the entire route. The cloud-based system supports real-time control of the vehicle’s electric powertrain and provides a sophisticated driving strategy tailored to route requirements. To accomplish this task, the PDC incorporates all vehicle system parameters, weather data, traffic data, topography and much more into the optimization calculation. In conjunction with Trailer Dynamics PDC, the electric powertrain can be used in the most economical way.

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