Green Logistics

The eTrailer system from Trailer Dynamics provides a

significant contribution to CO2 reduction

of heavy goods traffic

and thus to green logistics and climate neutrality.


The significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the diesel tractor unit made possible by the supporting electric drive of the eTrailer promotes sustainability throughout the supply chain logistics.
In combination with the battery-electric tractor unit, the eTrailer enables a significant increase in range and thus supports the market ramp-up of all-electric heavy-duty freight transport for the long haul.

The eTrailer enables the transformation to green logistics

Road freight transport accounts for around a quarter of the energy-related greenhouse gases of the entire transport sector in Germany. The agreed climate protection target is to significantly reduce these emissions by 2030.

The conversion of commercial vehicles to alternative drive systems, but also the increased use of eTrailers, can make a significant contribution to achieving these climate protection goals. Intelligent eTrailer technologies significantly reduce the emission of the diesel tractor. In order to achieve the energy and climate protection targets in the transport sector, a timely market ramp-up of alternative drive technologies is therefore essential; eTrailers can make a significant contribution to this.

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